* Who really knows? * Who really cares? *
some do, some don't, some will, some won't,
if you think you might, read on,
otherwise, just begone.

March 97. 



Girl Guides of Canada
Boy Scouts of Canada
The time I give.

A different kind of company....
.you know the rest.

Stats and stuff like that

  I live in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

 Do I have any kids? YEP 1 son, 1 daughter
 1 Grandson and 1 Grand-daughter

 I have been both a Girl Guide, and Boy Scout Leader.

 I have a lot of surrogate children, but there's always room for more.
 I am just Mom, Grandma or THUNDER to all of them.

 Oh! and 1 cat, Jezabelle. Our second cat Scoobie passed away.

 There is one X husband (great friend) in the background somewhere.
 My current status is "Taken"

 I am currently looking for work. 

 At the moment I drive a SATURN ~ and yes it is...
 a different kind of company,
 a different kind of car.

Things I like, things I don't,
things I will, things I won't.

 Things I like.
 EVERYTHING, life is an adventure.

 Toping the list right now...
 writing,  the Internet, computers, cooking, darts
 fantasy, the occult, love.

 Things I don't.
 I abhor lies.
 People who abuse people, in any shape or form.
 Spiders, and other creepy bugs.
 The Dark.
 I hate, HATE the word and the emotion should be wiped out.

 Things I will (or might).
 I will try almost anything at least once.
 Maybe twice just to be sure.
 I will over indulge but not often.
 I will continue to dream.
 I will continue to love.
 I will continue to hurt.
 I will survive.

 Things I won't.
 I will not knowingly, hurt anyone or anything.
 Except the aforementioned crawly bugs,
 I won't bunji jump, get my name in the Guinness book,
 or parachute out of a plane (unless its crashing).
 I probably would not wrestle an alligator, a python,
 or swim in piranha infested waters, but then you never know.
 Stuff Happens!!

 Do I have any firm beliefs or opinions? SURE!!
 I believe, in the U.N.'s rights of a child.
 I believe, that EVERYONE should be treated with love and respect.
 I believe, that everyone is entitled to an opinion. BUT !!!
 I believe, that they should try to voice it in such a way as
 to not be hurtful to others.
 I believe, in the preservation of the planet, and mankind.
 I believe, that anything behind closed doors,
 and between two consenting adults is o.k.
 I believe, that there should be no need for woman's rights,
 gay rights, or any special group, it should be PEOPLES RIGHTS!!

 A bare scratch of the surface, but a place to begin.
 If you knock on the door, I might let you in.

 Be well, Sweet dreams always:

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