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This site is dedicated to the POETS past, present and still to come.
They see beauty where others see none.

And to all the others that have blessed me by being a part of my life.
Whether they were shooting stars, there only for a moment,
or kindred spirits, sharing sorrow and joy.

For my family and friends, the love never ends.
For those of The Lady Blessed Be
All with Gentle Hearts, You have been a blessing to me.
Thank You all for being

Please visit often.
The underlying pages are constantly in transition.
We do ask that you not plagiarize the poets,
we work hard at what we do,
please give credit where credit is due.

"Only a cad as low as a thief would write in a book or turn down a leaf.
Since 'tis thievery, as well is known, to make free with that which is not your own."
~~ The Aradia


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