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AMAZONITE: Soothes emotional processes, providing for subjugation of worries and fears. Soothes the nerves and dispels both irritation and negative energy. Soothes all chakra's and rejuvenating of the heart and root chakra's. Aligns the physical body with the etheric and astral bodies producing balance. Used to balance female/male energies. Used to facilitate balancing of the metabolic process related to calcium assimilation. 
AMETHYST: "Stone of Spirituality & Contentment" Facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies. Provides clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds. Clears the aura, bestows stability, strength, invigoration and peace. also known as "Stone of Meditation", being excellent in conduction energies. Opens and activates the crown chakra. Also used in treatment of insomnia and to ameliorate pain from headaches.
APACHEE TEAR: "Provides Awareness" This mineral can be used to produce a state of mind which is free from impression rectifying negative and building the positive. Treats disorders of teeth, bones and hearing.
AQUAMARINE: "Stone of Courage" Enhances ability for rapid intellectual response. Provides for alignment of chakras. Assists one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness. Enhances connection with higher self. Aquamarine stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra.
AVENTURINE: Used primarily at the heart chakra to both activate and clear. Also, excellent protector of the heart chakra. Provides for balancing of the male/female energies. Used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands and muscular system.  (pictured is a Blue Aventurine)
BLUE LACE AGATE: "Extremely Spiritual" Highly inspirational, contains qualities of flight, air, movement and grace. Treats arthritic conditions, strengthens nails, and helps with digestion problems. Light Blue Lace Agate is for communication
CALCITE: "Energy Amplifier" Engenders a spectrum of energy to clear and activate all chakras. Known as the world teacher for all of humanity. Provides for a sweeping action of all chakras when placed on the body. It is useful in multidirectional energy distribution. Green calcite helps rid the body of infection. Orange calcite is for creativity.
CARNELIAN: Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. Awakens one's inherent talents. Is used to produce inspiration from the spiritual worlds. Protects against envy, fear, rage and helps to release sorrow. Can be used in treatment of neuralgia, gallstone, kidney stones, and colds.
CITRINE: "The Merchant Stone" Does not hold and accumulate negative energies, but dissipates and transmutes them. Placing citrine in one's cash box has produced more income for the merchant. Helps to maintain the state of wealth. Stimulates the intuitive self and promotes contact with the higher forces of intelligence. It can assist to stabilize the emotions, to dispel anger. It can aid in digestion and promote circulation of the blood.
CRAZY LACE AGATE: "Soother" Produces a calmness over the mind, releases tension, used to treat colds, allergies and strengthens the immune system.
EMERALD: "Stone of Successful Love" Provides for domestic bliss and to instill both sensitivity and loyalty within the self and within others. Used to enhance the memory and to stimulate the use of greater mental capacity. It is the stone to bring harmony to all areas of one's life. Helps one to maintain rhythmic breathing. Can be used to open, activate and to stimulate the heart chakra while helping to quiet the emotions. Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the spine, lungs, head and muscular system.
FLORITE: "Stone of Discernment and Aptitude" Increases the ability to concentrate. Helps one to see both reality and truth behind illusion, inspires universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body. Encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being. Dissipates the state associated with colds, and flu's.
GARNET: "Stone of Health" Extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes the energy to the beneficial state. Helps with great speed to change one's world by producing both expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It enhances one's internal fire bringing the creative powers to the state of implementation. Also known as (stone of commitment) for your purpose, to others and to oneself. Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the kundalini. Has been used in the treatment to equilibrate sexual energies.
GREEN AVENTURINE: Heart, love and prosperity.
HEMATITE: "Stone of the Mind" It helps one for memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge. Is also capable of helping the body to remain cool. Facilitates balancing of yin/yang energies. It also assists in the dissolution of negativity, transforming negativity and reaching the purity of the universal light of love.
JADE: "Stone of Fidelity" Also known as (dream stone). Brings realization of one's potential and devotion to one's purpose. Improves one's remembering of dreams and assists in dream solving. Furthers the connection with the elders of the Mayan Culture. Used by the ancient primitive tribes as a sacred stone. Assisting one in access to the spiritual worlds. Helps one to cherish one's desires. Provides confidence, used in treatment of disorders of the heart, hips, kidneys and spleen.
JASPER PICTURE STONE: "Global Awareness" It provides scenes from the earth stimulating a brotherhood to work together to save the planet.
JET: "Stability of Finance" Protects one during the pursuit of business, enhances the stability of ones finances. Dispels fearful thoughts, very grounding.
LAPIS LAZULI: "Stone of Total Awareness" Promotes the connection between the physical plane and the celestial kingdom. Provides the forces of initiation into wisdom and the mystical realm. Provides for unification of all chakras. Helps for diminishment of the internal smoldering fire which leads to disease. Can assist in the organization of one's life. Used as a protective stone. Can be used in treatment of disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus and immune system.
LEOPARD SKIN: "Grounding Stone" Calms hyper children, calming fear, gives strength and stability protection, treats eye sight and promotes marital fidelity.
LODESTONE: "Balancer" Balances mind, body and soul. Helping one to remove obstacles, it assists in the removal of disease allowing the body to renew itself.

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