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The life force flows through the human body from the base of the spine up and out through the top of the head. At various points the vibration quickens as it goes through change stations called Chakras, which result in color changes. For example red is the slowest or densest vibration and Violet or white are the quickest. Throughout your life your aura changes often, yet stays in one or more energy centers for a given time period. By understanding your location along the chakra highway and working with it we achieve our greatest success and happiness.
A general explanation of the Chakra/Aura:

1st Chakra - Base, Root, or Sexual
Color - bright vibrant red
Location - base of the spine, associated with the reproductive centers
Positive Expression - Physical vitality, activity, willpower, determination, strong sexual desires, survival issues, basic needs.
With a predominately red aura a person is most often at a time in their life to be focused on their own needs or desires. They usually have a need to make changes in many areas of their lives and they have the necessary push to succeed. This is definitely not the wall flower type, They can be aggressive but are usually fiercely loyal to friends and loved ones, yet they often feel that no one truly understands them. Definitely the dramatic type everything is either O.K. or bad. 1st Chakra people are capable of tremendous hard work and are more than capable of reaching their goals and ambitions but wishing won’t make it so. They possess unlimited raw energy but must learn to harness it and direct it towards their goals. Physical activities and/or a definite mental pursuit that are goal oriented will greatly assist a 1st Chakra person from becoming anxious, stressed or stuck in a rut as will wearing the color green or blue avoid red or black.

2nd Chakra - Adrenal or Emotional Chakra
Color - orange
Location - Below the navel, associated with the blood and lymph, digestive juices, kidney and bladder
Positive Expression - Emotions, feelings, sexuality and sensuality
As the 1st Chakra was concerned with the self the second is mostly concerned with others (family, friends, loved ones) and their state of being. When orange is the predominate color in the aura; change, transition, compromise, and emotional issues are what is happening. These people are at their peak of creativity and are both usually happy and positive, even if their own life has a great deal of instability and uncertainty. Their flexible natures combined with a strong sense of right and wrong often have them smack dab in the middle of some family crisis. They love to help people and often manage to bring happiness to everyone but themselves, who they always put last. If orange is the main color in your aura now is the time to take a chance, carefully calculate the risk and move ahead. Avoid making decisions on the full moon as it is your most indecisive and emotional time. Spending time in nature or at least alone will greatly assist you in finding peace of mind. Orange is the color of the genius and having a predominately orange aura makes you spontaneous, brilliant, unpredictable and unique. No one can figure you out, sometimes not even you. You definitely believe, variety is the spice of life.

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra
Color - Sunny yellow
Location - Between the naval and the heart. Associated with the digestive system, spleen, gall bladder and bladder.
Positive Expression - Strong sense of identity, independent, active intellect, influence and power.
You have more personal power and charisma than usual and can get exactly what you want, without having to compromise too much. Some may think you are self centered and insensitive because you tend to tell it like it is but you are as tough on yourself as you are on others. You realize that you alone are responsible for your success or failure, that you are the only one going to save your butt. You prefer straight talking and honesty and should someone ask for your opinion they had better be prepared for the truth, In business or a personal situation not much escapes your vision, You have an uncanny ability to size up strengths and weaknesses of friends and foes alike. Not all of your surmise is brain power you have a highly developed psychic sense although you would probably prefer the term Gut Reaction better. You need more rest then most but turning your mind off isn’t likely. You even sleep Fast.

4th Chakra - Heart Chakra
Color - Green, Pink or Gold
Location - In the area of the heart. Associated with heart, lungs, skin and blood
Positive Expression - Love, healing, care, devotion, selflessness and compassion.
The first 3 chakras are primarily concerned with individual self, the body, its cares, wants and life etc. When the predominate color of the aura is green the person is moving on to the higher chakras 5, 6 and 7. The 4th is the changing station where the person becomes aware of a greater power,, the need to be of service to others to assist them in lining a more fulfilling life. It is natural for people with a green aura to put others first, there is an emotional maturity and compassion that flows from their being. Natural healing ability is a normal state for them as is their unique ability to emphasize with others. They are deep wells of compassion They bring the gift of intuition and calmness into the lives of those around them. People naturally gravitate to them because there is a genuine desire to assist others in what ever way possible. Careers that involve medicine/healing or service are the ideal but you will have to deliberately push yourself forward as you tend to be a bit too laid back. You have such an active life that it is really important that you purposely get out and socialize. Always make sure you get plenty of fresh air. Also remember to be as generous to yourself as you are to others.

5th Chakra - Throat Chakra
Color - Sky blue
Location - Throat area, associated with neck and speech
Positive Expression - Communication, creative power expressed, calmness, peace
A predominate light blue or turquoise aura indicates a more spiritually based individual who with strong communication skills is the natural counselor. They exude peace, calmness and inner balance. Truth, fairness and helpfulness are the corner stones of their character. They will often walk away or ignore a destructive situation or relationship rather than fight. Winning isn’t as important as their inner tranquillity. The things that are most important to them aren’t material possessions such as money, cars etc. but the intangibles such as happiness and self satisfaction. Careers involving communication and people are naturals, anything from computers, customer relations, radio, writing, professional counselors or alternative health would make excellent choices. Since blue is more associated with the higher mental attributes such as intuition meditation, devotion, faith etc. conscious attention must be directed to keep the body as active as the mind and spirit. Physical exercise such as dancing, tennis or fast team sports would be beneficial as would wearing bright vibrant colors such as reed, orange or yellow.

6th Chakra - Third Eye Chakra
Color - Indigo Blue
Location - Forehead, associated with the eyes, face, central nervous system
Positive Expression - Intuition, psychic abilities, knowledge
A predominately deep blue aura can indicate a variety of different things and each case should be studied individually, Because the main energy expressed is coming from the top chakras the energy is very fast, this usually indicates a rich and active spirit and mind. Much more energy is directed inward towards knowing and understanding themselves than towards other physical activities and/or socializing with others. The most important part of the body is the head area where their thoughts are generally speaking of the mind and spirit centers. As these become faster (the higher you are on the chakra route) the slower or less active the physical body becomes. So with a dark blue aura or violet the person isn’t as interested in the normal everyday things of their fellow man. They are highly imaginative individuals who prefer to pioneer new ideas and unusual concepts. Everything from the meaning of space beings, psychic phenomena etc. In other words the really big questions of life fascinate them. Deeply contemplative, highly psychic they possess an incredible wisdom that comes from observation, experience and divine insight. They constantly work hard to improve themselves yet they must use common sense with regards to the body. Yes the mind and spirit are very important but life is lived in a physical body. So take care of it. You can’t express without it.

7th Chakra - Crown Chakra or Seventh Seal
Color - violet, white or gold
Location - Top of the head/brain, associated with the brain
Positive Expression - Spirituality, awareness, God consciousness, bliss
Just as the heart chakra has 3 colors associated with it so does the seventh. This is because these two chakras are the final and beginning stations to new life experiences. The seventh usually starts as predominately violet which indicated increased psychic awareness and a mystical tendency. The person often feels compelled to spend a lot of time alone or in a meditative environment. As their spiritual attunement deepens and expands to True divine love. Being in the moment. Bliss and happiness are normal and natural states of being. True at-one-ment and harmony are achieved. This is often referred to as the White light of Christ. It is the aura that surrounds the man or woman who so perfects their body, mind and spirit that although he/she still lives as a human they have full knowledge of their divine essence and full control of that unlimited power. These people would seem most unusual and normal people refer to them as saints, masters or miracle workers. They definitely march to the beat of a different drum. Miracles such as healings etc. are their normal style. Often times people will be around them because of the energy boost they get. It does feel good to hang out with higher energy then what you normally have. It is invigorating. Just as it is very relaxing and calming to be around someone who has more calming energy.

(text and reading by: Desiree Daniels)

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