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Meditation's and Visualization's From cyanzen

A Visualization Meditation And Protection

As you are breathing in, visualize blue sky, integrated, and or replacing your body, until there is only clear blue sky. Hold breath, change slowly, to warm pinkish, as in body life on breathing out, change to pure white with universal love* feeling emanating out, and through within, to out (a rough translation, and changed from the original words)can get love from, original source* the above works well for cyanzen, and has been useful for himself, and others, in other translations.

Some protection type visualizations, or a means of not being so disturbed, so here goes. Some of these will have to be refined, and obviously some are for certain types of individuals, as some will not be able to visualize to a degree, but its the thought that counts.

if feeling attacked, feel love, and send same outward, the being will become powerless to affect you (cyanzen has some difficulty with this, as he has found that if it is a pretty heavy duty type, then it will just increase the negative force, (i.e. get pissed off, lol) which another way of looking at is, appearing to challenge same, so naturally a response would be expected.

Don’t panic, realize you are not given anything you can’t handle (of course if you have been doing something, to require that you be dealt with in an unusual manner , well good luck).

On down or out breath, say I will not accept any negatives (meaning negative thoughts, images etc., from another being.

visualize your self locked into a mountain, in the mountain is love and positiveness, and nothing negative or evil can enter (this would be like putting up a shield, and placing the desired positive environment in your side)

If under an extreme negative condition, something very destructive in the area, or passing through, visualize being in a wheat field, getting low down, like a piece of grass, or weed, and let it pass over you like a wind, of course keeping thoughts pure, (what else would grass do, lol) this way there are no thoughts to attract attention to yourself (you certainly don’t want to say hello I’m here) This way there is no challenge, or resistance.

Realize nothing can harm you unless you allow it (there are certain basic universal laws).

Say I have no want or desire of you or this (stating that you have other priorities, and the attention is not wanted, or allowed, so go away (you can ask for it to return later, even set a time, when you are better able to deal with the situation).

All of the above should be discussed before any dissemination of same, as all will not be able to use certain ones, and some are a bit rough, need perhaps clarification the one cyanzen uses well, is the clearing meditation, but what works for one may not be the best for all, cyanzen has heard of some that count numbers while under heavy dark influence, this distracts, (keeps your mind off what’s there) the person being bothered, and I suspect is also a way of shielding, but many people are trained in different ways to deal with such, whatever works, that’s the aim. The above will be of use to many , especially in the coming times. Have a great day, love and hugs cyanzen

Two beautiful and peaceful ideas from Chaotic Goat

The first idea is for a silent chat room. A place to sit quietly with the other souls of cyberspace, not saying anything, but joining in a common meditation. This could be a quiet place to reflect on life or, on other occasions, a great combining of cosmic energy & prayer from all round the world.

The second idea (& I've no idea if this is technically possible) is to have a completely black page. The page is the void. If you want to remember or think about someone or say a prayer for someone then you would visit this page. When someone visits the page, instead of a 'visitor's counter', a tiny point of light would appear in the black & so this would be like lighting a candle. Over time the page would be lit with prayers & love.

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