My Personal Library 

A great many people ask me what I would recommend that they read.
That's a difficult question, I believe that you should read everything you can get your hands on.  
Question everything, knowledge is power.
Use it wisely.

Note: Any books marked with an * were gifted to me. My personal library is as follows.

- Eric Maple

- Jan Balicam

Wicca 2000
- Patricia Talesco

Parkland Palate
- Anne Nesbitt

Wicca Garden
- Gerina Dunwich

Corn Recipes
- Francis Gwaltney

Goddess Runes
- P.M.H. Atwater

Living Wicca
- Scott Cunningham

A Grimoire of Shadows
- Ed Fitch

Advanced Wicca
- Patricia Telesco

The ESP Reader
- David C. Knight

I Ching
- Translated by James Legge

Wiccan Mysteries
- Raven Grimassi *

Be A Goddess
- Francesca De Grandis

Chinese Horoscopes
- Kristyna Arcarti

The Book of Spells
- Nicola de Pulford

Crystal Ascension
- Catherine Bowman

Celtic Folklore Cooking
- Joanne Asala *

Guide to Aromatherapy
- Susanne Blake

The Wicca Spellbook
- Gerina Dunwich

The Healing Power of Sex
- Judith Sachs

Wicca Candle Magick
- Gerina Dunwich

Scottish Witchcraft
- Raymond Buckland

A Witches Bible
- Janet & Stewart Farrar

Every Day Witchcraft
- Delphine C. Lyons

The Black Arts
- Richard Cavendish / 1967

WiccaCraft for Families
- Margie McArthur

The Book of Celtic Wisdom
- Michael Scott

The Grimoire Of Lady Sheba
- Lady Sheba *

Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses
- R.J. Stewart *

The Wiccan Prayer Book
- Mark Ventimiglia

The Practical Astrologer
- David Christie-Murray

The Complete Family Guide To Natural Home Remedies
- Karen Sullivan, C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D

Irish Food & Folklore, a guide to the cooking, myths and history of Ireland
- Clare Connery *

The Wicca Cookbook, Recipes, Ritual, and Lore
- Jamie Wood and Tara Seefeldt

Beautiful Necessity, The Art & Meaning Of Womens Altars
- Thames & Hudson

Animals of The Soul, Sacred Animals of The Oglala Sioux
- Joseph Epes Brown

American Indian Cooking and Herb Lore
- J. Ed Sharpe, Thomas B. Underwood

Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (Lost)
- Arthur C. Lehmann, James E. Myers

Earth Prayers from Around The World
- Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon

The Witches Book of Days
- Jean Kozocarl, Yvonne Owens, Jessica North

Strange Beliefs, Customs & Superstitions of New England
- Leo Bonfanti

The Psychic Energy Workbook
- R. Michael Miller, Josephine M. Harper

Cherokee Psalm and Collection of Hymns
- Translated by Daniel Scott

Cherokee Legends and The Trail of Tears
- Thomas Brian Underwood

The Mystic and Occult Arts
- Litzka, R. Gibson, Walter B. Gibson

Ancient Echoes, The Anasazi Book of Chants
- Mary Summer Rain

Casting the Circle, A Woman's Book of Ritual
- Diane Stein

Love is in The Earth, A Kaleidoscope of Crystals
- Melody *

Herbs for Health and Healing
- Kathi Keville, Peter Korn

The Book of Spells, Hexes and Curses
- Stuart Gordon

The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization
- Ophiel

Natural Healing Remedies
- Prevention Health Books

The Grandmother of Time
- Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

Crone's Book of Charms and Spells -
Valerie Worth

Complete Book of Witchcraft
- Raymond Buckland

The Herb Bible
- Peter McHoy, Pamela Westland

Spell Crafts
- Scott Cunninghan, David Harrington

Nice Girls Book Of Naughty Spells
- Deborah Gray

Trancing the Witch's Wheel
- Yasmine Galenorn

The Collected Works Of Grey Owl
- Grey Owl *

The Green Pharmacy
- James A. Duke, PH.D.

How to See and Read The Aura
- Ted Andrews

Magical Rites from The Crystal Well
- Ed Fitch

Always on hand a Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook

When deciding my depth of interest in a new subject I quite often pick up small pocket novels to see if they can pique my interest.

Aphrodisiacs - Decoder
Astrological Love Affinity - Decoder
Chinese Astrology - Decoder
Colour Therapy - Decoder
Magickal Amulets & Talismans - Starlinks (chart 1994)
The Truth About Crystal Healing - Phyllis Galde
The Truth About Evocation of Spirits - Donald Michael Kraig
The Truth About Shamanism - Amber Wolfe

And last but absolutely not least my Tarot Decks and Runes

Shapeshifter Tarot The Animal-Wise Tarot The Way Of Cartouche
Aquarian Tarot The Druid Animal Oracle Sacred Circle Tarot
Voyager Tarot The Oracle of The Bones Celtic Tree Oracle
Spirit Wheel Mystical Rainbow Stones * Cartomancy Deck
The Runes Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards * All Rights Reserved
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